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    I recently FrankenPre'd my old Sprint Pre from a Unlock GSM Pre 2. I love my Pre 2 but this morning I realized that the vibrate is no longer working. I've done some Google search but haven't found anywhere that sells replacement parts for the Pre 2. So I have a couple questions.

    1. Does anyone know where I can get a Pre 2 replacement "camera, power, vibrate flex cable assembly" (or whatever it would be called)?

    2. Could I use a cable from an original Pre-? (I don't want to try this blindly and overheat my phone or break it more due to incompatibility, and the Pre 2 does have a nicer camera.)

    I absolutely hate to say this but I can't afford another new Pre 2 and without vibrate I can't depend on the one I currently have, so if I don't find a replacement part I may have to leave WebOs for something different. That would be a very last resort. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    im not exactly sure on replacement parts themselves. But Id try the precentral marketplace here. And also try ebay maybe buying a broken pre 2.
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    I bet your problem can be solved by reading this thread. It really helped me after I did my Franken pre 2.

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