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    Hello All,
    I just switched from an "over patched pre+" that would occasionally get hung up for a minute or two (especially the e-mail program), to a pre2 that I would like to customize just a little.
    So I am asking you all for your opinion; What are the Pre2 "must have patches"?
    I will probably stay away from the email patches since more than 1/2 the time my pre+ would get hung up, it would be checking emails. (Although, I will miss the "mark all emails as read" patch.)
    Thanks for your input.
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    Well what do you know, "mark all read' is in the pull down menu. I never knew that.
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    For me:
    Advanced Patches by sconix. I've installed most of them. Pick the ones you like.
    Mode Switcher (although not a patch, more of an app).
    Character counter (for SMS)
    Save attachments to download folder.
    Turn the dialpad tones off and vibrate (The Pre2 must have the most annoying noise when dialing)
    And of course UberCalendar if you use your calendar.
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    yep, get all the advanced patches and the Tweaks app.
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    ad blocker - must have
    advanced reset options -must have
    advance mode menus
    close slider to end calls
    default to month view -i perfer over day view
    device menu alternate mix -must have
    immeditely load high resolution -must have for me
    increase touch sensitivity and smoothness - must have
    muffle system logging - must have
    turn dialpad tones off and vibrate - pretty much a must have the dial tone is awwwwwful
    unset cfq scheduler - must have for overclocking
    unthrottle download manager -must have for any phone
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    i need patch "turn dialpad tones off and vibrate" on pre 2 2.2.4
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    I currently have 13 patches.

    Ad Blocker
    Advanced System Behavior
    Advanced System Menus - App menu
    Advanced System Menus - Framework
    Advanced System Prefs - System Prefs
    Email Portrait Only
    Faster Card Animations - Hyper version
    GSM 3G & Brightness in Device menu
    Mojo Speedy Switch
    Muffle System Logging
    Rmove Dropped Packet logging
    Unthrottle Download Manager

    I have tried Buttah/Smoothness patch several times but it just doesnt work for my Pre2.
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    disable light bar
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