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    Hey guys, nice to meet you all…I´m new in here. Just wanted to make a comment regarding a strange thing that happened to my pre2 . I own a pre2 unlocked running on webos 2.1, and I have been experiencing those annoying random luna restarts (like many of you have mentioned...), and many other issues (like not being able to sync my contacts from my google account to my pre2 and viceversa). Strange thing is that today I imported my pictures taken from my camera for the first time…and by mistake I selected one of the images that was active as my wallpaper. So when I disconnect from USB mode I noticed a couple of odd things:
    First of all, a NEW wallpaper appeared!!!, but the strange thing is that is a brand new image never before seen on my pre2…not even on my wallpapers folder (where all the wallpapers by default are). Is this a hidden wallpaper image?? Here is a screencap I took…
    Secondly, I also noticed that after this happened I could actually sync all of my contacts from google normally!. So I guess I had a ¨corrupted image¨ that disappeared when I imported all my image files to my laptop.
    Has anyone experienced this?

    Thanks, and sorry for my english! (I´m from Argentina)
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    I think that's the stock wallpaper
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    Yha thats orginal wall paper. Maybe the phone just recovered any corrupted data when you disconnected the usb? idk this sounds weird.

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