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    I've been trying to find a definite answer to this in the forum, but I've given up. The web os internals Sprint Pre 2 instructions require swapping the commboard AND the back bezel from the Pre- to the Pre 2. My Pre- is more than two years old and the back bezel isn't exactly as new as it used to be. If I bought a Verizon Pre 2 for the swap, do I need to swap out the back bezels or JUST the commboards? I really don't want to shell out $130+ for a new phone only to have 2+ year-old parts added to it.

    Any help would be great.
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    I have old parts, too, but you can't really tell--everything works fine.

    Same goes for my Franken Pre 2, too!
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    No just lift the commboard and wiring out the pre2 back bezel and replace it with the sprint.
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    If it helps, I'm FrankenPre'ing now and had the same question. Just got to the same point and noticed that below the shield (thin metal plate) where the antenna wires go into the commboard, the wires have a pin/plug.

    I (very carefully!) pried back the shielding to expose the pins and disconnect the antenna wires at the board. Can then remove just the board, put in the new one, and carefully reconnect the pins and close the shield back down.

    I'm giving it a go this way so as to keep the new bezel/speaker/headphone jack, too. Especially after noticing how hard it is to remove any of those things individually.

    However, I'm also 1) a noob at this so maybe this isn't great advice. and 2) I'm using a VZW Pre 2 for my build and noticed the antenna structure, etc, all looks the same as my Sprint Minus. Dunno if that's so with the unlocked.

    I'll post back how it goes later.
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    you only need to swap bezels if you are using an ATT Pre2.. The VZ should match exactly with pre minus so you only need to swap comm boards
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    All done (including "Step 6"... thanks, devs)!

    I don't know if the OP was following along from the pictorial as I was, but in all my rereadings across the the forum, I hadn't heard it said explicitly that you could take just the commboard out by disconnecting the GPS/(?) antenna wires. I know I used the pictorial as the go-to source though it talks about swapping the whole bezel. Though it makes sense in light of all the talk about the GSM wires being too long for the Sprint board.

    Perhaps an extra photo in the Wiki or just an additional note somewhere around Step 11?

    I'd put it in, but I'm no editor and I'm afraid I don't have a macro camera to get a shot of where the wires connect.

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