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    I bought my wife an unlocked Pre 2 and would now like one for myself.

    I have a used one I can buy however I need to know if this hotspot app will work using an unlocked pre 2 at ATT.

    It says it requires webOS 1.4.5 Version: 1.1.12.

    Will it work on a Pre 2 which has webOS 2 ?

    Thanks a million.

    Oh also, the girl I am buying it from has already registered it at Palm when you log into the phone. Will I be able to do the same ?

    The seller leaves town in 2 days from yoday.
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    Mobile Hotspot will work fine, but you'll need to have an additional data tethering package.

    freeTether has no such requirement.
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    Since you are already on ATT, why not get the ATT pre3? Prices on ebay habe stabilized...200-250 range...
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    I am assuming you have the 2GB data plan, like me.

    I just use the freeTether application that you can download from PreWare. It's a better application, doesn't require a mobile hotspot plan, and also allows multiple devices to connect to the phone.
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    No plan at all my friens just the prepay card for $50 that gives you all you can eat.

    Plus, no taxes. $50 flat.

    I am interested in a Pre 3 however I dont have that much money. This phone is $100.
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    Why not purchase a new one off Ebay? I had great success so far with my purchase.
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