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    Okay so my Pre2 receives Pictures sent to me as being sent from "1". So every picture I receive shows up in a SMS thread from "1" and doesn't show the individual who sent it. I have only seen 1 other forum member with this issue and it was on a Veer. Anyone have any ideas? At this point I am thinking it is a carrier glitch as the poster with the Veer is on AT&T as well, didn't have this issue with my Veer running the same SIM. Link below to the thread about the Veer for anyone that wants details on that post.
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    This JUST happened to me yesterday on my Pre 2 (AT&T). I was really confused about it.

    EDIT: I just had a friend send me a random picture today and I didn't get the sender "1" thing so I'm agreeing on the carrier glitch thing.
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    The same thing happened to me a couple days ago.

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