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    I know there is one app in Preware that supports some type of e-reading, but I am not sure exactly how it works. Like if I were to buy a e-book off of amazon, can I port it over to my Pre 2? Does anyone use it a lot or can explain it to me? Thanks a lot.
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    From my knowledge, Kindle eBooks are proprietary and only work on approved devices and approved applications. This may have changed, but I'm pretty sure the Kindle eBooks are DRM-protected. The only eReading option I found was Kobo, which I wasn't really impressed with.
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    Kobo doesn't even work anymore and that's kind of what I figured, but I just wanted to make sure. So that brings me back to my original question...where would I even buy books from?
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    I haven't checked on Kobo in a while because I didn't like it. I'm don't know about eReading options on the webOS phones, sorry. It wasn't an enjoyable experience on a small screen for me using Kobo so I stopped. With the acquisition of a fire sale Touchpad, I use that for reading Kindle books.
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    I thought there was a way to get Kobo on Pre2. I know there were some posts about it. Kobo bought Borders ebook division from the bankruptcy. I use Kobo on my Pre+ and like it, but I realize my taste isn't necessarily others.

    pReader is OK but the books that you can leagally get are more limited because of newer DRMs. I use it to read project Guttenberg books. There are ways to "break" the DRM but I find that to be too much work (yes I am lazy and busy).

    There are some other readers in the app cat that come preloaded with certain books. I don't find them useful.
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    You'll need to download calibre and do a conversion How To Strip DRM from Kindle E-Books and Others | Gadget Lab |
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    If you want to use Kobo there's a patch so it works on webOS 2.x devices.
    (easiest install requires Preware and Internalz Pro)
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