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    After the death of the Pre when it was reported that HP (in all their wisdom) had ditched the beautiful baby that is webOS I used my upgrade to get an iPhone 4. Obviously there wasn’t really any competition out there... Androids have those silly green smileys and are the most horribly unfriendly phones to use (can be a headache), Windows/Nokia phones are a bit of a joke at the moment and Blackberrys are very very far from fun.

    So iPhone it was, especially when you consider the fact that they are ‘the’ in item to have. After a day I was mildly disappointed, after a week all I could do was talk fondly about my Pre 2, after two weeks I stuck a PAYG sim in my Pre 2 and carried both phones about... as of last night the iPhone is off! Its going on eBay.

    What a horrid thing to use! It was like going back in time to an age before even the daft Android!

    1. Notifications are just plain awful, not discrete and inviting, more in your face and “look at me!”... and no cute little flashing reminder light either.
    2. The whole ringtone malarkey, I always wondered why nearly all my mates that had iPhones all had the same ringtone... it’s pathetic
    3. The mighty iPod... ok maybe its unfair to compare it to the uber glorious Music Remix but OMG how frigging basic! Without exaggeration I would have to say that the dreadful stock Music app on the Pre is more advanced (but doesn’t do that neat orientation trick)
    4. What’s the point in having smileys that you can ONLY send to other iPhone users? Like as if there are no other phones out there. Emoji... Emojoke more like.
    5. The battery lasts about a day and a half which is pretty good but not much better than webOS 2.1 on the Pre 2 (which is about 4 times better than anything on the Pre or Pre +)
    6. The o/s keyboard is so limited is laughable and that spell correction software... completely backward!
    7. That static array screen couldn’t be more boring
    8. Not having a back button (or sexy ‘swipe’) makes using it a chore sometimes... always looking for how to go back... great!
    9. The text messaging where in order to get the ‘full’ screen you have to exit and then return to a string, I mean ***!
    10. The o/s mute button that is constantly getting activated at the start of calls
    11. No photos on the contacts list (ok that’s a minor one buy even Androids have that)
    12. The difficulty in attaching anything to emails
    13. No tethering
    14. iTunes... how I hate iTunes and you can’t do very much on that nonsense phone without frigging iTunes
    15. Overly expensive accessories.

    Ok, the camera is pretty spectacular (and that’s an understatement), the actual speakers on the phone are brilliant (with a lovely base filled sound) and it has every app ever imagined (apart from Music Remix) but for me webOS is not just an evolution as some would say, it’s a revolution in comparison and an example of how every phone operating system should be.

    It does sadden me that Palm pretty much killed the Pre at birth. If they had just...

    • Released a phone that wasn’t underpowered and didn’t need to be rooted and uberkernalled just to make it usable
    • Released a phone that didn’t have problems lasting half a days (even without use) due to the way it killed the battery
    • NOT released a series of just plain weird and woeful commercials with an ugly redhead bird talking in some sort or drug induced state in New Zealand (or somewhere)
    • Installed a ‘Glass’-like theme to begin with
    • Hired the fella that wrote Music Remix (and me!)

    Or... released the Pre 3 when they released the original Pre, this would have been up there and everyone would be able to enjoy what is essentially the perfect mobile phone operating system (full of all of the best apps as a consequence), instead of just the few of us in the know
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    I thought about an iPhone also but purchased a Pre 2 off Ebay instead. I can't bring myself to follow the herd and I am hoping something else comes along before my new phone dies.
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    When we got the Veers in July (and switched to AT&T), we borrowed my moms iPhone 3GS so my wife could give it a shot vs the tiny Veer. The Veer won, since then we have purchased 2 unlocked Pre2's as well.

    I can't get as in depth as you, but for both of us the VKB made the phone unusable to the point that neither of us ever got too deep in to other features. We did play some games that were already on it, but in reality we don't play most of the games we have right now on the phones and touchpads.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    This was very interesting as I've had a Sprint Franken Pre 2 for about a month and then the new iPhone just came out and I was second guessing.
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    Everytime I use an android or iphone I like my Pre2 more
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    to the OP: I think you should have tried ios 5. As much as I love my pre and hated my iphone I think apple has made a lot of positive changes with ios 5.
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    ^Yha true. ios5 has brought alot of positive changes. They're still playing catchup tho ;D
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    Ah, I had forgotten about all of the things I hated about the iphone. Thanks for the reminder. Will have to play with the iphone in the store next week and see how the changes are.
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    Ok i've just had a go at iOS5 and it is an improvement. The messaging problem has been fixed and the alerts are now discrete (a copy of webOS infact)
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    Quote Originally Posted by joelrhodes View Post
    Ok i've just had a go at iOS5 and it is an improvement. The messaging problem has been fixed and the alerts are now discrete (a copy of webOS infact)
    Haven't tried the iPhone yet, but it looked like from the write ups that they have implemented some of the things WebOS has. I would not even consider an iPhone because of the lack of multi-tasking, but looks like they have some form of that now.

    I have a Sprint Franken Pre2, but will eventually be looking for something else when this goes by the wayside. I may be forced at some point to go the iPhone route unless, of course, a miracle happens and WebOS is picked up by some company that can make a go of it with great hardware and good support. Ah wishful thinking!
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    my co-worker asks me all the time when I will see the light and switch to an Iphone

    I try to demo my pre2 but he tells me there's no substitute that I agree with
    32G Touchpad
    iphone 5 on sprint wouldn't leave a good relationship
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    I actually prefer my iPod touch for media.
    (More games, bigger, better screen, non-finicky headphone jack, and I find the iPod app and video playback a bit better.)

    However, I get frustrated when I use it for normal functions. It can be rather dumb at times, but jailbreak tweaks help it out
    On the plus side, its very simple for other people to use, since most haven't heard of the Pre, let alone the gesture area
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    I like my PrPrPr!

    "Works as... Magic Cards"!

    Best Regards...
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    I am not happy with my 4S. Many times I feel like pitching it out the window and telling SIRI to F%^^^&-off for not being able to understand or not having a server connection. FYI I speak very clearly.

    The notifications are horrible, No multi tasking, and the email part is very bad. No Sprint Navagation and no Tethering.

    Basically IOS5 is my 2007 ipod touch with cellular. Apple better make some improvements or they could find themselves like RIM. But then again there are so many people drinking the cool-aid that will never happen.

    In my opinion my PRE - is better than my 4S. I have a Pre2 and when I get the nerve up to do the hardware conversion, I am switching back and selling my Iphone. At least they have a good resale value!!
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    I tried the iPhone 4 s for about two weeks. I hated the OS. Just not as good as webOS. It was horrible compared to pre2. Webos has spoiled me and just works so much better than those other screwed up os's.
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    I guess I'll get in on the webOS love. It sure is nice to see positive comments.

    I have yet to try iPhone and don't plan on it. I did have an affair with Android but it just didn't feel right. I miss the slide effect and the darn google phone wouldn't sync all my google calendars. Lots of little things and my heart still being with webOS made me decide to franken a pre2 for sprint and I am happy I did. I don't need to many apps or games on my phone as I have the TouchPad so for me the lack of apps was not a deal breaker. I have lots of quality apps on my Pre2 to get me through the day. I love my Pre2 and for the most part it is flawless. Dreading the day when I am force to make a switch but I know I will have to move on if the market for webOS doesn't pick up.
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    I'm on Sprint and held onto my upgrade and my Pre forever waiting for a new WebOS phone. When it didn't come I thought about a FrankenPre but just went ahead with a 4S. There are some major notification light and tethering are the main things I miss, and the handling of pics is absurd (you can't attach a pic to an email; how stupid is that?). And then there's the iTunes link (which now you can avoid entirely with the 4S). But it has some definite advantages, and not just apps. I have never had a crash in several months now; it is very solid hardware. BT and wifi are very functional, much more so than my Pre (which would never connect with my work very secure wifi setup). The camera is amazing; I've done 8X10 blowups that are gorgeous. Auto backup to the cloud is excellent. It is smooth and the screen, while really not that much bigger than a Pre, is much sharper. I would trade it in a minute for a WebOS phone with decent hardware that was going to be supported, but that's just not an option. Yet.

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