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    Here's the story: I went to the local mall to have my new Sprint Franken Pre 2 protected by a ZAGG Invisibleshield screen protector etc. Unfortunately, they were out of Pre 2 shields.

    So the guy says he'll try one of the Pre Plus protectors. I returned and he said it didn't turn out so well. I looked and the edges of both left and right sides (in portrait orientation) had continuous "bubbles" from top to bottom. He said he could order a Pre 2 shield for me and have it in 2 weeks.

    I said O.K. and I decided to live with the bubbles until then for the extra protection because a Franken Pre 2 is not exactly a replaceable item (if it goes kaput, then I leave webOS....sorry, but just for phones, I still have my Touchpad!).

    Then, about 2 or 3 days later, the bubbles disappeared and the protector is tightly attached everywhere! Looks and works great as if it was made for the Pre 2. So I'll just keep the one coming for an extra.

    So, just thought I'd share the story if anyone else runs into the same issue.

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    So, the front side fits well? I knew the back would fit, as it's the same back, But the front fits?
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    Yes, the shield fits on the front after a few days. I just let the slack on the sides work themselves out (not that I knew that would happen, though).

    I have never put a shield on the back due to the Touchstone back etc.

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