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    Yes, stuck in boot loop. I used Impostah to remove my palm profile from my FrankenPre2, without wiping the device. I followed the wiki instructions and hit "Cancel" and rebooted, it then came back on and said I am no longer connected to a palm profile and need to reboot, I didn't select reboot, I used back swipe instead but it still rebooted and now is stuck in boot loop. I have successfully logged into my palm profile on my new AT&T HPre3 but I would still like to be able to get on my FrankenPre2. It goes so far as to do the little chime, while the palm logo is flashing, so it almost boots up but then stutters and loops. Any suggestions? Should I just try to enter recovery mode and webOS doctor?
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    When my GSM Pre 2 went into a boot loop after installing the 1.4 Ghz kernel, I just doctored it. It was fixed after that, so that's what id do.

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