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    I am beginning to get real annoyed to with the youtube app...
    And I don't know if I can do anything about it? I don't really care about having commenting features and all that, I just wanna play a video through without having the experienced ruined by buffering. I can get through about 10 seconds without buffering, if I'm lucky. Then it'll just freeze, a spinning circle comes up, it'll load some, and start playing again. And then, after another few seconds, it'll repeat the pattern. My 3G connection is at all 5 bars...what is going on? It's ALWAYS like this, no matter what.

    On my old Pre Plus I used to download videos from sometimes, using the youtube download patch, but now that doesn't work right on my Pre 2. Every time I try to download a video it will show the percentage of the download's progress for a few seconds, then it just stops showing up. It will say it's still downloading loading, but it won't tell me how much it's downloaded. Then I'll check the video app and the video didn't download... and then I'll go back to the video in the youtube app and it doesn't even say it's downloading a video. I got it to work ONCE while downloading a video of Pearl Jam's "Black" unplugged.. I did not leave the app or turn off the screen once, and watched I it, making sure it was downloading. It took over 5 minutes... Not great :/.. But I'll take it. But if I leave the app or turn off the screen or even TOUCH the screen.. the download just stops.

    Any tips on getting the videos to load faster?
    And why is the youtube video download patch not working...? (BTW, I already have the unthrottle download patch..)

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    I have the same disappointing experience on my Veer and would appreciate and help or advice from you guys.

    Is there currenlty any way to pass by the youtube app and view videos via the browser directly in order to have the comments etc.?

    What is currently the best way to avoid the buffering/loading problem? In my experience the problem occurs specifically with videos longer that app. 10 minutes. The video cannot be properly displayed then.

    Great many thanks!!!
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    I hated that the search never returned many results in the App. I had to go to Youtube's mobile page (which was great), and then it found many more results, and opened the Youtube App to play.

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