I posted a while ago about my pre2 only being able to receive tiny thumbnail images through MMS. That issue is still there, but now I seem to have a brand new issue in addition to that -- when someone sends me an MMS picture, it gets received 3 times. It was only sent once, but I still get it 3 times.

Also, does data have to be on for mms to work, even though mms does not require a data connection? On my old phone (sony g900) I was able to receive and send MMS just fine without a data plan at all, so I know mms itself doesn't require data. On my pre2 though, nothing seems to go through when data is turned off, then is received (3 times) once I enable data again. My friend's pixi plus is able to send and receive mms with data turned off, so is this just a webos 2.x.x thing? Or could it be because she doesn't have any settings under Internet APN, only under MMS APN? My phone has stuff filled in under both.

I didn't originally receive MMS messages 3 times. I didn't change any settings before this started. My pre2 has lots of other little bugs, too. I'm getting tired of all the strange behavior.