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    I've had Sprint Franken Pre 2 (unlocked unit) for 2 weeks.

    I've had the screenstate3 1100 on constantly for about a week and today my Sprint Franken Pre2 started acting weird. The phone was hot but Govnah said it was about 42 degrees. My e-mails had a black box instead of the text in the body of the e-mail. When I shut down overclocking, the phone is really sluggish, screen not responding well etc.

    Any ideas?
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    The block box email means it is still downloading, or trying to render... Could be antennae or processor.

    Maybe you just have a poor 3g connection? What happens when you reboot, or go into airplane mode?
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    The e-mails are fine, now--not sure what happened, but maybe it just needed more time for some reason.....?

    The device is still sluggish without overclocking, but I did so and it didn't get hot today. But now I have a new bug: Contacts didn't sync a new contact I made on the device today with Google, so syncing with my new Franken Pre 2 is still frustrating.

    The fact that the iPhone is coming to Sprint is looking pretty tempting due to all these Franken Pre 2 bugs , but I'll give it more time.....
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    Im not sure. I would just say redocter with a a clean made doctor. My phones running perfect for about 1 month now. screen state oc'ed and undervolted.

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