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    Is there any speed/fluidity difference between the two?
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    yes it's faster. The pre2 also has slightly faster ram. Also you dont have to run as high cpu voltage to get that 1ghz. So better battery life.
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    system voltage runs at 200mhz instead of 166. I think that's comparable to frontside bus on a pc ? Correct me if I'm wrong....
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    pre2 is much much smoother and less choppy
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    Clock speed is not the only factor that influences performance. Instruction set, bandwidth, Front Side bus speed, and L2 cache speed are some to name a few. The SoC chip found on the OMAP3630 (Pre2) is composed of 45nm technology while the original Pre has the OMAP 3430 with 65nm technology. The smaller this number, the better performance.

    For example, the Pre Plus averages a 190 score on WebOS 2.1 when clocked to 1.5Ghz yet the Pre2 averages the same score when clocked at it's default speed of 1Ghz.

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