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    Okay, this one has me stumped!

    In the past 2 hours, I've had two calls from unknown local numbers (I have a 240 number, and my received calls were from 301 and 240 area codes), claiming I had called them. They repeated back my number successfully, saying their cell phones had a missed call from my number. I checked the call log on my Pre 2, and on the VZW website, to see if there were outgoing calls from my number. Nothing there.

    So...any ideas? Could my Pre 2 be dialing random numbers, but not placing that outgoing call into the call log? Or is this a VZW network problem? Had an HTC Thunderbolt from June until this week, never had this problem before.

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    I would call Verizon. I had some flukey network issues with them along the same lines over the summer. They fixed it in short order.
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    My phone kept calling a local restaurant that happened to be on speed dial Q. That was my first experience with "phantom button presses" Got worse and worse. Google it and you should find a video. Amazing. But it makes the phone worthless as it gets worse, it occupies the processor and you can do very little. "dropped" it and got insurance to replace it. And I took such good care of it and never a drop or scratch. A friend has the same problem.

    See this thread:
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