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    If I were to purchase the Pre2 off of eBay:

    1) Will it come with a Touchstone compatible back?
    2) Does anyone know if the original AGF GRT Slider case (the one that is currently on my VZW Pre Plus) will fit the Pre2?

    Thank you!
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    The Pre 2 comes with a Touchstone back, only the Pre - did not.
    The Pre 2 is really the same shape as the Pre + especially the back-the front is shaped slightly different with the flat screen.
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    I got my Pre 2 this past week and I've been able to use all of the accessories from my Pre Plus without any problem. I went back to using the belt clip and it fits the 2 very well. I love having another headset and USB cable with wall charger.

    Loving my Pre 2!

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