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    I often have to join conference call, which involves dialing a phone number, then enter a room number.
    something like 00153698754 then 45698725 then the call can start...
    Is there a way to store alltogether the phone number and room number?
    So I do not have to type each and every time the room number.


    Palm Pre 2 WebOS 2.1.0
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    I have tried things like:
    <PhoneNumber>P<Bridge number>#
    But that does not work...
    What am I doing wrong?
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    There's an app that does something like this. I don't use it, but I put the required pieces into the UberCalendar patch so you could just push a button in a calendar event.

    I'm not affiliated with the app. I have not used it either.
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    Please remove UberCalendar and google sync behavior patches prior to system updates.
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    Preference guide for MetaView's UberCalendar patch
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    Just doctored and frankenpre2 but I had a simpler dailer - that I downloaded like an year ago(free) that is doing exactly the same - no as fancy as bridge dialer but does the job as good. Seems that the app didn't get re downloaded so I'll have to figure out what happened but I was using it a lot too.
    Have to check my old pre- when I get home and see what the name of the app is an if it's available still in the catalog.
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    I think your best bet is to save the number, with a p (pause?) or t (tap?) between the number and bridge number (can't remember the exact character, but one does a brief pause before sending the bridge numbers, the other waits for a tap).

    What I would LOVE would be a patch so that instead of just making any phone number tappable (a la Palm OS ten years ago) but would also let you tap any following numbers that are NOT a phone number and treat them as the bridge/extension to the previous number.

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