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    I'm currently on the verizon network and am eligible for an upgrade. I'm leaning towards switching over to AT&T right now and I would like to get a BB torch 9810. But if I choose to stay on verizon then I'll most likely get the pre 2. Regardless of the carriers, just comparing the phones, which one do you think is better? The reason I'm debating over these phones is because I want a phone with a touchscreen and a physical qwerty keyboard for texting.
    Thanks in advance
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    I really like my Pre2. It's a fantastic phone.
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    Just as a note, I switched to ATT (after 10 years on Sprint) to keep getting webOS. We made the switch in July and got Veers (a penny each), since everything has gone down I bought my wife a Pre2 a few weeks back and we both love it, I just recently won an ebay auction for my Pre2 that shipped today.

    With that said obviously I am going to say Pre2. The wife and I both wanted the physical keyboard so it was an easy pick for us. In all honesty you are looking at two companies with questionable long term futures (blackberry probably looks a lil better as of right now). I would say webOS today and looking forward 2 years on the current hardware will get you through your contract easily, especially with it sounding like you are new(er) to smartphone (sorry if that was a generalization, just with you only listing the 2 things you needed sounds like either would give you that).

    If you can afford it, I would say buy an unlocked Pre2, and go to AT&T or other GSM carrier. That way you don't have to worry about VZW approving upgrades (if HP releases any).
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Pre 2. My frien has the touch version on sprint. Its nice sleet. But just like any other blackberry really. But webos is so much smoother intuitive and all around a better os.
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    Yeah, I really liked the palm pre 2 when I tried it, and I hope to get it. I don't want to get a Veer though, i think thats a bit too small for my preference.
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    I would go with the Pre. Its fully customizable and the webOS community is awesome.
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