I've only had my Sprint Franken Pre 2 for a few days, but overclocking with the "Screenstat3 1100" setting is a must for me. Why? Well, for some reason my screen responsiveness is sluggish at the stock speed! Go figure. I've got the "touch sensitivity and smoothness" patch and the "no ripples" patch installed and, without overclocking, the Pre 2 responsiveness is worse than my Pre minus!

But with overclocking, the screen it's awesome! I've been keeping Govnah open and I've had no high temperatures yet, so I guess I should just keep using the "Screenstate3" all the time since it helps with voltages, apparently.

I've got a lot of patches installed, but I'm too new to the Pre 2 to know of any issues with Homebrew and screen responsiveness.

I would like to hear from any experts if you know why I experience this discrepancy. Thanks.