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    Dropped the phone on the stairs where the gritty part is and got a long shallow zig zag scratch. You can't see it unless you hold it under a bright light but just knowing it is there is annoying. I wanted to know if anybody had any tips for buffing the scratch out of the glass.
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    Ive herd toothpaste works. not sure on phone screens? But when I was traveling and got a nasty scratch on my glasses some polishing with non-gel toothpaste smoothed it right out and made things alot better.
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    I have used white paste style toothpaste on CDs, DVDs, and some other things but not a phone screen. I have used this stuff called Applesauce Plastic Polish. It was originally made for iPods but I have used it on MP3 players, DSes, Pre+, and other plastic surfaces. I don't know off hand, but if the Pre2 has a plastic screen I would use one of the plastic polishes. There are others besides Applesauce.
    Good luck.
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    I think its glass right? or a special polymer. I'd just find what ever mix or substence and get a polish for it.
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    I have used this on my watch and a Palm Pre with good results.

    It is called Displex

    I found a link for it at Amazon

    Note: they make a few different products (see link). Make sure you get the right product or it won't work. (I saw someone tried to use on their laptop LCD only made the scratch worse)
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    Not sure the Gorilla Glass can be 'buffed out'. I think that's the point of how durable it is.

    Take care
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    Pre2 screen is made with a complex glass so any plastic polish won't work unlike CD's and the original Pre which are made with plastic.

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