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    What are your govnah settings and what kernels are you guys running at?

    Im using uber screen state 1.1 max. anti/cubic. (vdemand omg?)

    Ive been playing with govnah for a week now can really find a reliable balence between batterylife and speed more batterylife. my pixi idles at like 200-250mhz? like ***.
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    I had to remove Uber kernel because my phones temp readings were riding on the high side (around 50c). But your best bet for batt life and performance would be screen state, unless of course you are a power user and rarely have the screen off. In which case an ondemand profile might work better for you.

    Sorry I know you were looking for exact settings but spend more time with govnah. Lower the cpu voltages for your profile, that should help out a lot!
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    no overclocking, the pre 2 dosen't need it
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    no overclocking, the pre 2 dosen't need it
    Agreed. Running stock kernel.

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    I agree, stock is the way to go. I didn't notice much difference between stock and with uber kernel installed.

    Now if we were talking about the OG pre then yes you NEED to overclock it. Pre 2 not so much.
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    I perfer the oc over stock because I like to get the most out my phone and running lower voltages is better than stock. Yha ive been tweaking with it around and im no noob to oc'ing or govnah have lots of exp. with it just curious what others have. And it def does make a difference multitasking wise and having multiple apps open.
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    I'm using Uberkernel 2.1.0-76, and a custom screenstate:
    Governor: Screenstae-v3
    Min Freq: 300Mhz
    Max Freq: 1.1Ghz
    1.1Ghz Voltage = 1325mV
    300Mhz Voltage = 925mV
    System Voltage = 1125mV
    Vdemand, Charger Override,Ondemand = Not Enabled
    I/0 Scheduler : CFQ
    TCP Congestion : Cubic
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    undervoltaged system and CPU voltage. Still stable.


    Governor: Ondemandtcl
    IO: CFQ (best by far)
    TCP: Westwood

    Min Freq: 300Mhz
    Max Freq: 1.1Ghz
    Samp rate: .2 Sec
    Up Thres: 50%
    Ignore Nice load: false
    Powersave bias: 0
    Tickle: 1 sec
    Floor: 4 sec

    CPU voltages:
    1.1 Ghz: 66
    1Ghz: 60
    600 Mhz: 46
    300 Mhz: 31

    System voltage:
    200 Mhz: 35

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    then least you could do is click the "Thanks" button.
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    Thanks ab. ill try cfq. Actually discovered a super reliable profile. I was still at 100% after 5 hours with like 10 texts. with just the phone on and oc'd screenstate 1.1 vdemand/omg. all system and cpu undervolted. Nice improvement.
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    I've had the screenstate3 1100 on for about a week and today my Sprint Franken Pre2 started acting weird. The phone was hot but Govnah said it was about 42 degrees. My e-mails had a black box instead of the text in the body of the e-mail. When I shut down overclocking, the phone was really sluggish.

    Any ideas?

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