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    hey webOS world, I have always had excellent experiences with my webOS devices. I have an unlocked pre2, no service, just using for a media device. I have had it able to access the catalogue for a while now, never had any issues with it, in fact, since the initial 2.1 OS was installed, I never had a crash, well.. Something must have happened yesterday, phone crashed and then got stuck in a boot loop. It took forever to get the bat to charge enough to get it into recovery mode. Finally got into recovery mode, got it Dr'd to the HP/Palm last stable release of 2.1. Installed imposta to log into my palm profile, and I get a successful authentication, however, when I try and download my apps from the catalogue, I get download failed. I though it was the webOS version (i used sprint first) and then tried a different version webOS internals set up, still same problem, I get my profile logged in and authenticated, but still can't download cat apps...
    stumped right now.. Any thoughts?
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