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    I have been having horrible battery life lately... And by horrible I mean it barely makes it through a day with light use (just texting and playing angry birds for a tiny bit). It used to make 2 days fine. So I uninstalled all of my patches and my battery is like its made of magic now. My battery is wonderful again.

    I love some of the patches but are the really that necessary? Id personally take a two day battery over being able to take a picture with the volume keys...
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    only SOME patches reduce battery life
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    only SOME patches reduce battery life
    this man speaketh the truth, patches that add background tasks like your continual email checks, chat etc, those types for example keep the touchpad doing more work over time and can have a slight effect.

    Most patches however are cosmetic or only affect/addin extras for "what you run at the time" ie: your media player or browser and have zero overall draining effect when not activly open and your off playing angry birds.

    a patch for example to add a tiled bookmark button to your browser will affect only the browser when its open, it wont double your cpu usage when doing something else and vamp'ing away your battery.

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