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    I hate to start a new thread as I'm sure this info is somewhere, but I couldn't find it searching for firstuse, frankenpre, etc. I'm a 2009 Sprint Pre user who missed the Pre2 firesale, so I turned to eBay to get a 'new' VZW Pre2 for FrankenPre2 conversion. I want to run the Interactive Tests on the Pre2 prior to doing the swap so I know that everything (aside from the comm board/radios) is working BEFORE the surgery. Can anyone advise as to how this can be done with a non-activated VZW Pre2?
    -Thanks in advance!
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    I finally found my own answer. I initially didn't think this was what I wanted, but devmode did the trick. It allowed me to go through all the Interactive tests with flying colors except one. For some reason the test for stereo headphones didn't work (silent) but they obviously worked when I went to the Sound and Ringtone settings...
    Anyway, in case this answers anyone else's question, here are the steps:
    1) Start phone
    2) Choose and confirm language
    3) Tap "make emergency call" and delete 911
    4) enter: ##DEVMODE# (CDMA) or #*DEVMODE# (GSM)
    5) turn on devmode
    6) restart
    -Works great!
    Solution found on developer's forum:
    Bypass activation on Palm Pre 2
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    Why would you bypass the activation on the pre? It has to activate in order to work.
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    I tried to explain it in the first post but I'll try re-wording it.
    My current phone is a Sprint Pre-
    I have a VZW Pre2 bought off eBay. I have no VZW contract and that phone will not be activated until it has my Pre- Sprint comm board in it.
    Before I make the comm board switch and meta-doctor the Pre2 for Sprint I want to make sure I have a good Pre2 by running the interactive tests. This way I know the state of the Pre2 before the frankenpre surgery.
    I didn't want to do the hardware swap and meta-doctor and then chase down some problems that were present on the Pre2 all along while thinking that I created them during the hardware or software surgery.
    The bypass allowed me to run the full suite of interactive tests and confirm that the Pre2 I purchased from eBay was not a lemon. Now its up to me to keep it that way through the comm board swap!
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