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    Now I have not gone through activating it and everything yet, I want to make sure I have everything ready first. My issue is with the script

    How do I launch the script? I have doctored a pre on this computer before, but never a script, just a standard doctor. (I am on OSX) Or is there another way to build the doctor file? I am going from a sprint pre to an unlocked pre2. Thanks for the help guys.

    *EDIT* Resolved New issue.
    Stuck on phone error. the sprint board was activated properly and tested out. Now on the frankenpre, i get this message. i cannot connect to the metadoctor to run the script and it wont connect in usb mode. any help guys?
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    Do you have Ubuntu, Java and Novacom in your PC already? Did you complete it Meta-Doctor Settings? If yes, then you have to run this script using Ubuntu terminal:

    WebOS 2 Upgrade - WebOS Internals
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    The instructions are pretty straight forward on the internals site. What I would do is make sure you have access to the Linux computer you are creating the meta-doctor on and a computer that you know can run the novacom drivers - my Ubuntu Linux wouldn't run them. I dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7 Starter on a netbook and was able to do it no sweat. I built the meta-doctor in Linux and then transferred it to my pre 2, rebooted, moved the meta files to the windows desktop and ran the .jar file.

    It should be pretty easy as long as you have a Linux machine. If I had to do it again I would do it exactly like you are doing - build the doctor before I did anything else!
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    just copy and paste that script into terminal after navigating to the doctor directory? i do that and paste "./scripts/meta-sprint-franken-unlocked-pre2-2.1.0" into the terminal and get there is no such file or directory error.

    metadoctor is set up properly, as i have used on my pre-. i am on osx, as i said, but there is no indication that osx doesn't work for this, just windows doesnt. java and novacom are a go. not using ubunto b/c my other computer is pretty ****ed right now.
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    @ davedu3

    Please look at the link attached. I have the feeling you are missing this step (this is the one for OSX,

    Application:MetaDoctor - WebOS Internals
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    nope had that done, but i just figured it out. something was wrong with the directory, thanks for the help guys. going to bust the phones open tomorrow, have everything ready now.
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    Glad to hear that you are now set to go!
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    Guess I'll just post my question in here since the OP's question was resolved. I have a frankenpre plus on sprint. I used a verizon pre plus to do the conversion. I'm picking up a GSM pre 2 tonight to do a frankenpre 2 for sprint. Will I need to pull anything from my pre minus or am I just using my franken pre plus and the GSM pre 2?
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    @ tp2386

    From your frankenpre plus you will need the communication board (already transferred from your Sprint Pre-) and the bezel. There are some posts on this web site mentioning that GPS cables on GSM phones (that are on the bezel) are longer than the CDMA phones. So, that will be the only two items that you will need to complete the process.
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    new problems after surgery, updated first post. thanks for helping guys, spread the love.

    got it, boot into recovery!!!
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