View Poll Results: Should I buy a VZW pre2 on contract for $4.99? would you?

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  • You should buy it for $4.99 with new contract

    20 40.82%
  • You should pay up to $200 w/o contract

    19 38.78%
  • You should keep my preplus.

    3 6.12%
  • You should buy an android. Post which!

    3 6.12%
  • I'm a ****** - get the iPhone and don't look back!

    4 8.16%
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    I've been eyeing this price of $4.99 if I upgrade on VZW to the pre2 [early discount.

    So the poll is, should I in your opinion? Also, would you and if not please post what you would buy. Please be realistic.

    I won't go back to ATT, go to sprint, or buy a feature phone. Don't just say android, say one that's on VZW please. I need real opinions based on real experiences if possible.

    huh - fan boi is filtered?
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    can't say I'd do it and I love my Big red Pre+... I'm in the same boat tho.... Early contract renew = two more years with an, already, 1 year old phone. I was holding out for the Pre3... I did get to go play with a Pre 2 in the V store, great phone just don't want it for another 2 years the way HP is messing around...
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    Only my should buy the phone off contract. Yes it is a bit expensive but I don't think you should tie yourself to a contract with a phone that may not get much carrier support anymore. Like I said, that's only my opinion.
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    Carrier support? Ha... What about people that still have Pre's on Sprint? I don't think lack of support on the Pre2 would be an issue, at least not for me. $4.99!!! Come on!!!
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    Well I would assume that most people with Pre's on Sprint are okay because they are fans of the OS. I'm just's not best to look at the short term price (4.99). The reality're going to be stuck on a contract for 2 more years with a phone with an unpredictable future. I'm sure the 2 year contract adds up to more than paying a slightly high price initially which is waaaay cheaper than buying those new android phones off contract for example. Again, only my opinion.
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    I have, just this past July, and would do my other line if it were eligible.
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    I would probably buy one off contract. If I were to use an upgrade, I'd buy a phone I could resell for a lot more.
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    A $5 Pre 2 is very tempting. The Pre 2 is a great phone, but with a 2 year contract, there are some things you may want to consider.

    -No future updates: Regardless of what HP decides to do with webOS, in regards to phones, the unlocked Pre 2 & Pre 3's are the only ones that have a chance at getting updates (and that's a very small chance). With all webOS phones being discontinued, carriers will not invest the time, or resources to test and push out updates to webOS phones.

    -No significant increase in apps over the 2 years of your contract: As it is right now, it looks like most of the app development for webOS is happening for the TouchPad. I don't see many new apps hitting the app catalog for phones, and I doubt that will change anytime soon.

    If you can deal with your Pre 2 staying pretty much the same over your contract; with no new updates and few new apps, go for it. Otherwise, it may better to buy the Pre 2 off contract or get something else.
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    I replaced my VZW Pre+ with the VZW Pre2 for Free$ with an upgrade eligible line, and a $50 online discount. Just got it from FedEx this morning, so am still checking it out. It is definitely more responsive, but seems to run a bit warmer.
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    Someone just listed this VZW Pre 2 in the marketplace, if you're looking to buy one off contract.
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    If I get a Pre2 off eBay and activate it online at Verizon Wireless dot com, will there be any additional fees? Will I be able to keep my $29 unlimited data plan? I just went to the site and started the "activate a new phone" process. A window popped up that said,

    Customer Information: Smartphone Talk Free Promotion - If you make certain changes to your service, your Smartphone Talk Free promotion will be removed.
    If your plan includes the Smartphone Talk Free Promotion, the following conditions apply:

    You must keep the $29.99 Data Package associated with your eligible Smartphone device
    You must keep your current plan. If you change Minutes, Text, or Data, the promotion and the $9.99/line/mo.
    Credit will be removed.
    An eligible Smartphone must be associated with your plan. If you upgrade or change to a
    non-Smartphone device, the promotion and the $9.99/line/mo. credit will be removed.
    I have no idea what the Smartphone Talk Free promotion is.

    BTW: I am eligible for the $4.99 Pre2 from Verizon.
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    <<quoted post deleted>>

    Jeez you're fast.

    And no, I've done all the research on changing and it's not feasible to change carriers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by e-gadget-guy View Post
    I've been eyeing this price of $4.99 if I upgrade on VZW to the pre2 [early discount.

    So the poll is, should I in your opinion?
    I did. I love the Pre 2...faster, more responsive, OS version more similar to TP. No, it's not upgradable, but I got it to have ease of use between my phone, TP, and printer. Once a year or so goes by, I'll probably take a deep breath, wave goodbye to WebOS, and get a Samsung Nexus Prime running ICS Android.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AlbanyHDTV View Post
    If I get a Pre2 off eBay and activate it online at Verizon Wireless dot com, will there be any additional fees? Will I be able to keep my $29 unlimited data plan?
    I upgraded via eBay to a Pre 2 recently. As long as you don't change to a dumbphone, nothing will change. Well, except Mobile Hotspot will be an additional charge. You keep your unlimited data and your contract term stays the same as it was before. For example, if you had 3 months left of your 2-yr contract, you would still have 3 months left. If you are month-to-month, you would still be month-to-month.

    If you upgrade using Verizon, you'll be signed to a new 2-yr contract. Some people have said they've been able to keep unlimited data, but I don't know about that. You will also have whatever the new contract pricing is. For example, if you got your original contract when it was (for example) $30/mo for 500 minutes, but now they offer than plan for $45/mo, you'd have to pay $45/mo.

    If you are a recent Verizon customer and plan to stay on it for at least 2 yrs, it may make more financial sense to upgrade. If you have a legacy plan, you may be better off getting one off eBay.

    For me, I would end up paying probably $25/mo more through the upgrade route, so it was a no-brainer to shell out for an eBay phone. But I've been with Verizon for ages and haven't renewed my contract for like 10 years. Your situation is probably much different.
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    I upgraded from a pre+ to a pre2 before the price reductions after the former took a dunk. I paid about $69 for it. I very pleased with it - it's faster and more reliable than my old pre and I can still keep all of my old (even Classic) software, as well as accessories (battery, etc.). No regrets, well, except for the dunk. . .
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    I just did this a couple of months ago. Zero regrets. I already have the apps I need on the phone. Now I just need to be able to continue to use it, and this phone seems far more solid than the Pre+ was. Further, I've seen comments here, and else where, about paying more if you upgrade versus buying a phone off contract. Last time I checked, whether or not you get a subsidized phone, you're still paying the same cost. So, unless you plan on changing carriers in less than 2 years, you actually spend less money getting a cheap upgrade like this, rather than buying it. You just loose the freedom to walk away form VZW.

    Unless you are one of those types that can't stand having the same phone for 2 years, I would do this deal (obviously I did it myself!). Worst case just turn around and get some cheap Droid or BB phone (iPhones for VZW won't be cheap for quite some time) if the Pre 2 becomes unbearable to use. You can get some of these for cheaper than a Pre 2 is going off-contract right now.
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    I'd say go for it man, if you're not interested in switching carriers & all that crap about support doesn't bother you (i mean if you're still here at this point...) then it's a great deal. I'm sad I won't be getting the pre 3, but psyched to be getting the next best thing. The general consensus seems to be if you're happy with your pre+ you'll be happy with the pre 2. & seriously, 5 bux for a phone you actually want is a steal no matter how you look at it.
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    I would do it. My "New every two" is up in December 2011, but they still want me to pay $399 for a Pre 2 at this time. I have a Pre 2 from HP ($50.00), but would jump on a $5.00 one even with the 2 year extension.
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    I wouldn't/didn't. Though I just managed to get my verizon Pre 2 off ebay for 150... You have to figure that you're going to get a solid year from the phone if all goes well, but beyond that, you're gambling that the phone won't fail for another 8 months or so before you can upgrade again.

    Scour ebay and craigslist, I bet you can easily get pre 2 for around 160... 160 now is much better than 500 in a year and a half...
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    You should be able to find one for $150ish w/o contract. I think it is worth at least that and if it happens to crap-out, then you can decide what to get next.
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