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    My wife and I are thinking about swaping our carrier from Sprint to Verizon because of signal issues in our area.

    What is the best method... buy a complete Verizon Pre + and activate it before swapping the radios OR swap the Verizon radios into the Pre2's first, before activating?

    If swapping the radio's first is the best option, how do we go about getting the required information to activate them on Verizon?

    What we have:
    (2) Franken Pre 2 phones with Sprint comm boards
    (2) WOR Pre 2 GSM comm boards with messed up Pre - phones
    What we need:
    (2) Verizon radios with clean ESN

    Lastly, is it best to buy phones off ebay or is there something available through webOS internals where I could buy 2 radios with clean ESN's or trade my 2 WOR GSM radios for 2 Verizon radios?
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    Just put a Verizon com chip back into the Pre2, then activate it as a normal Verizon phone. You don't need to do all the crap that Sprint FP requires, just stick in a VZW comm chip and it's like buying a brand new phone that you'd activate through Verizon.

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