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    I kept an older version of iTunes to sych with pre+. same software will not recognize pre 2. Is there a way to sych besides dragging over to phone?
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    HP Play I think.
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    I use win media player. Tried a few other programs by advise from the forum but nothing worked. Then I figured I try mediaplayer and it instantly recognised both my pre- and my pre2. Just plug in the pre and choose usb win mediaplayer will sync all music you have by default.

    Good luck.

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    Lots of user use MediaMonkey, I personally use WiFi Media Sync.
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    I cant find a linux/ubuntu synching program that works with my pre 2.
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    We installed Doubletwist on our Mac...worked perfectly!
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    if want to sync itunes you could try ituner or iagent. Both sync itunes playlists with USB drive. I've used both before but iTuner seems better for me on the pre2 and TP,

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