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    I'm very pleased with the verizon pre 2 that I now have. It replaced the pre plus. Here's my question: I currently have the pre plus in airplane mode and would like to continue to use it (e.g., contacts etc) recognizing that it cannot be used as a phone (and I don't need another phone). How would I do this? It's my understanding once out of airplane mode it becomes disabled. suggestions?
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    If it's the same Palm Profile, it might sign you own automatically. If that is the case, meta-doctor the phone (using the Bypass Activation makefile option) and use it as a wifi device with the creation of an alternate Palm Profile. Search around on how to initialize the first-use app for the creation and signing in of the Palm Profile.

    You could also use the Palm activation bypass tool in conjunction with a regular webOS doctor, but I don't know if App Catalog access will be allowed.

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    instead of the meta-doctor, use the palm bypass tool, followed by the patches mentioned above.
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    so if I put my pre plus from airplane to wifi, I lose everything on the device?

    and if we use bypass tool, no access to app catalog?

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