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    tried Twee, Tweed and Spaz, but couldn't find anything compatible with 2.1.... did I miss something?
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    I use Tweed with 2.1 without a problem (I got it initially when I was running 2.0, but can't imagine that changes things).
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    How about Carbon?
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    phnx is now free and open source, and it's by far my favorite Twitter app on webOS. Carbon is another great app, although it will cost you a few dollars.
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    Carbon is awesome, and if you have a TouchPad graphite will be coming soon.
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    I second phnx. Lightweight, fast and free.
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    Spaz works just fine on my pre+ with 2.1.0
    Tried phnx too, but it doesn't have quick actions support so I switched back.

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