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    Hi. I posted this question in this thread:
    but did not get a reply. I am looking to get an off contract pre2 to replace my dying pre+ on vzw. However, I always use a belt clip, and there seems to be little out there to fit this need. I have searched and come up empty. Anybody try this? Thanks!
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    Search Verizon Pre Holster on ebay. The Verizon Pre holsters fit the Pre2 just fine.
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    I just bought a holster style on ebay - OEM VERIZON PALM PRE PLUS BELT CLIP HOLSTER CASE | eBay It is OEM, which IMHO makes a big difference for this style. The fit is a bit tight, but works well.
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    I currently have a pre- belt clip, would the pre 2 fit in it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ski21 View Post
    I currently have a pre- belt clip, would the pre 2 fit in it?
    I'm in the same boat as you. I believe a belt clip would fit the Pre 2 but a case would not (the pre2 display is flat). I think I will buy one $2 belt clips from the precentral store and hope for the best.
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    Both the Palm Pre cases and the VZW Pre+ case work with the Pre 2. I bought an extra Palm case with the flap off and few months ago for about $5.
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