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    Wondering if anyone else is experiencing or has experienced this issue. I have a Sprint - Verizon Frankenpre 2, and I am trying to play music on my radio through a tape adapter, but whenever i plug in the tape adapter, the phone vibrates twice, and from then on, no music outputs via the headjack or speaker. Also, you can't adjust the media volume from that point on, and the only thing that fixes the issue is to restart the phone, a luna restart does not even fix it. Oddly enough, the ringer still works, and speakerphone works, but nothing outputs through the actual earpiece. This ONLY happens with the tape adapter, and it happens running Spotify, The music app, and Pandora, BUT this is not an issue with headphones. Also, I have tried 2 different brand tape adapters. Anyone else experiece this issue or have a fix?
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    very strange, but an OTA update fixed the issue.
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    You got an OTA update in the last week?

    My only guess could be some kind of electrical or magnetic field tweaking the headphone jack and muting the media volume. This is assuming you don't have any patches or anything installed.

    So any patches or anything installed?
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