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    My phone did something strange last night. I was typing an email and shift+deleted one too many words so I tried to undo (meta-tap + z) my deletes and instead of undoing my deletes it chose to undo all of my typing (this was a strange behavior but not to real issue here). So after it deleted the whole email text I hit undo again and nothing happened, so then I automatically (Windows brainwashed) tried redo (meta-tap + y) and then all of sudden it just went into a luna reboot. Has anyone seen this behavior before? Is this a known bug? Thanks for the feedback.
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    your phone just glitched out on you. Mine does quite often too. I'm getting sick of it myself.
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    This info was not helpful at all. I was looking for undo but now realise meta tap + z is CUT!!!
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    meta + Z is not Cut, it's 'Save as'

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