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    so hears my quick story.

    I bought a Rogers Pre2. I had to get it unlocked to work on the fido network.
    so i put it into dev mode and unlocked using an ebay buyers method. Before i unlocked it i tried to activate with a rogers sim card but for some reason wouldn't read the sim card and gave me no signal. So i put it in my Fido sim card and I got a signal but only for an hour and then never came back after unlocking it.

    now I doctored 2.1 onto it and when i go and try and set up the language the loading symbol doesn't stop turning. will go for hours.

    I have doctored about 10 times now using all different types of doctors.
    Rogers 2.0 and 2.1. redownloaded many times, using different palm cables, different batteries, lol. So I'm at a loss here.

    I am thinking that some how my unlock method some how screwed up the phone but i could be wrong.

    any help homebrew does I will gladly donate some $$$ to internals.


    edit: does meta doctor only work to put 2.1 on older devices? can i meta doctor my phone to skip all these steps and auto put English Canada on it.?
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