It has been one week since I joined the webOS family of phones. These are my findings about battery life, and the phone (Pre 2) as well as webOS in general:

Battery Life:

Installed Uberkernal, and govnah according to recommendations by other postees and can report that it has improved it somewhat. Obviously, most of battery life really comes down to amount of power usage. I get it. Haha...

Pre 2:

Overall, generally pleased with the phone. At this point, just wish it was a little bigger, but it fits nicely in the hand, and until I can acquire a pre 3, a fine alternative. Love the glass screen on front, and everything about the phone pretty much works like a charm. Call quality is outstanding. I can't believe I have yet to drop a call. This is coming from an At&t customer! Very good purchase decision overall.


Coming from an iphone 4, I was worried about lack of app support, but generally not really a problem. Since I also have an ipad 2, anything lacking with the iphone is more than made up appwise on the tablet. Best feature - Gotta love stacking cards and swiping them away. Love that "woosh" sound. Can't keep from doing it all the time. Very enjoyable and no other operating system can multitask like this one.

Sorry for the long post, but thanks for listening. Let's hope that webOS gets picked up and can live on!!!