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    So, i finally got my franken pre 2 to work. I am using a sprint pre board in a verizon pre 2. Calls work fine, and so does the internet. I called sprint tech support, and they verified that my texts are being recieved, we even did some troubleshooting over the phone, but i do not recieve any texts, and i cant send any, all of my texts fail to send. I even made sure i updated the PRL, and the profile before i switched my board. Any ideas? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    You didn't mention so I have to ask. Has the device been properly doctored?
    Sprint Pre Plus 1.4.5
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    should be, i used the instructions on the webos internals wiki on how to upgrade to 2.0 with the sprint verizon frankenpre script. and the 3g works just fine as well as making phone calls works just fine, its just the text messaging.
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    I had exactly the same problem after the first time I ran the Sprint Verizon Frankenpre 2 script. After a few days, I ran the same script again, and it then worked.
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    yeah i just got it to work, i had to run the meta-doctor about 5 times to get everything to work, the only major issue i am having at this point now, is music will not play through a tape adapter, for some reason, no music is output, and once i plug it in the volume rockers no longer work, the only way to fix it is to restart the phone, but oddly enough it does not do this with headphones, and i have tried multiple tape adapters. but i did get everything else to work.
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    Well im about to do the conversion now. hopefully I dont have this problem. Ill be back if it does lul

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