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    Phone voicemail doesn't play thru earpiece or speaker, phone was a brand new Verizon Pre2.

    What I've read and tried already:
    - Headset stuck, insert graphite in headset, no luck
    - Insert/remove headset with music playing, voicemail playing, no luck
    - I think I've tried them all, no luck.
    - Interactive tests for earpiece all check out, sounds do come out thru earpiece for various functions.
    - call house phone from cell, no rings or answering machine msgs thru earpiece but I can leave a msg on house machine, (phone mic is working at least)

    1. After doctoring device to be a Sprint Frankenpre2, I know that the phone is calling out as the house phone rings but never any sound thru earpiece. ??
    2. Setting on the phone - Phone Prefs, Network SPrint Device Info, Network Verizon. With a Sprint Frankenpre2 is this expected settings? Could there be some network/carrier confusion, I just have to ask?
    3. I've seen Verizon Pre2 users mention issues with sounds and have uninstalled a phone "Advanced Prefs" patch. My phone doesn't show any of these additional setttings under Phone Prefs so I'm assuming that the doctor process did not apply the patch during doctoring. Is this a good assumption?
    4. Any other new tricks, tips, and or solutions to this very odd/old issue. I went back and read posts that the old Sprint Pre had, no luck
    5. Are there any Preware/Home Brew patches that might help??

    Other than this pain in the axx issue, Sprint Pre2 phone runs great/faster.

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    Issue resolved:
    Removed com board (Sprint board) from Franken Pre phone, redoctored to Sprint 1.4.5, reran interactive tests to verify earpiece, it failed again. Something happened somewhere during the surgery as it was a working Pre-.

    I had a spare Pre- on the shelf, activated new Pre- and started over.

    2nd times a charm, no glitches, all is well in Pre2 land.
    Case closed.
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    I am going to do the procedure tomorrow, I was hoping you could help me out. I am going to use verizon pre 2, but it is a used pre2. Would that matter? Does your navigation an text msg work? what about your profile and what OS version does it run? Thanks for your help.
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    I didn't spend any time online today and just now saw this post.

    As long as you know it was a good working Verizon PRe2 and your Sprint Pre- is activated you should be good. I would run the Interactive tests to make sure all Audio works as planned. GPS, text, web, data all work fine. (I stress this because of the time I wasted troubleshooting my patient)

    My disclaimer only, others may disagree.
    After reading every post I could find on doctoring a Sprint Frankenpre, I did not delete my profile, I did update my PRL just prior to the surgery and didn't save any PRL files prior. I did donate to webosinternals as I think at this late stage of doctoring they have the scripts fully baked to include items that were issues early on.

    If you haven't upgraded yet, good luck. If you have hope all went well.
    Don't forget to thank and donate to webosinternals.
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    Yea make your you update your prl... lol I forgot to do mine. I'm on a Prl from 2009... -_- (bought a beater pre) soo... So far dosent seem bad.
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    Thanks for the info, I did end up doing it and I couldn't do a prl update because teh touchscreen on my Pre was broken. Either way everything turned out great and my phone worked great with my profile fully restored. Yesterday at work I noticed I didn't have data connection and it kept giving error msgs. I called sprint and they said that there was indeed an outage at my home zip code. Interestingly I work 60 miles from home so I should have been clear from that outage. On the other all my friends' sprint data was working fine. Finally I did a full erase thinking it will fix the issue and I still don't have data connection. Now I can't even activate my phone. Can anyone help with that. Would doing the doctoring again help?
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    So I did the doctor again and same issue with no data connection so I can't activate my phone. I can't do a PRL update on my old Pre- because the screen is broken on that. SO now do I do PRL update before running the doctor on Pre2 or after? Can someone please help me?
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