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    (bump) Any opinions from people "in the know" about the Pre hardware, or anyone else for that matter?
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    I've been testing the fan cooling of my Pre on the Touchstone sporadically throughout the day today. Every time I turned the fan off, the Pre 2 eventually heated up and the charging issue happened. Turning the fan back on and cooling the device off again did not restart charging. When it's on the Touchstone, I always have to remove it from there first for a few seconds and then replace it to get charging actually going again. Definitely a heat related Touchstone charging issue. Happens with both of the Touchstone backplates that I have for my Pre 2. I don't think it's a back issue, I think it's an issue internal to the Pre 2 itself or the battery.
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    (bump) Any comments or opinions on this?
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    I have a Pixi Plus with the same issue and am in the initial stages of troubleshooting.

    While on the TS, the battery charges to 100%, then overnight, drops to 83%.

    I'm testing it on the AC charger now to see if the same thing occurs when plugged in directly. Tonight I will swap batteries from my wife's Pixi and try it on the TS again.

    Observation: when plugged directly into the AC charger, "0" battery current is indicated, but when on the TS, an amount of battery draw is displayed. This could indicate that, despite being on the TS, there is a load on the battery whereas, when on the AC charger, the charger output is powering the phone (?).


    Maybe the battery current monitoring is not enabled when on the AC charger (?).

    More info: The battery was charged to 100% on AC. I then put it on the TS and it began to discharge (it's down to 94%). I find this strange because, in the past, I have put the phone next to my bed (not charging) and in the morning, the charge was still 100%. Why is the battery discharging when on the TS?

    Do a search for "palm pixi battery discharging on touchstone" - you'll be surprised.

    I have cleaned the contacts - no difference.

    But... why doesn't it happen on my wife's phone? She is using a different charger and TS - no preware.

    More testing to follow :-)

    Later: Not sure why, but it seems to be charging normally on the TS now. I swapped-out the AC charger that powered the TS and it worked normally, so I thought the first charger was defective. I then put the first charger back on and it seems to be working.(??) It charges up to 100% then depletes to ~94% and begins to charge again.
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    The discharge problem began again.

    For testing, I swapped batteries between mine and my wife's Pixi. Her battery has always charged to 100% on her TS and remained there overnight.

    After both phones being on TS's last night, my battery in her phone, on her TS was down to 83%, just as it was when in my phone on my TS.

    Her battery, in my phone, on my TS, was down to 79%!

    I've returned the batteries to their original positions.
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    Interesting observations. Anyone else with similar issues, or comments?
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    Nobody? I have a hard time believing that the few responders in this thread are the only ones experiencing strange charging issues like these.
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    This happened once with my Touchpad on its Touchstone. I also had to re-seat it and it began charging again. This same Touchstone also gave me the charging bounce once. I have another Touchstone at work and it has not behaved strangely, yet. Ironic thing is the one at work has a loose back piece and makes a crunching sound every time I move the stand in and out. I would figure that one would be the bad one, but nope.
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    Additional information:
    Normally, I have my VZW Pre 2 set to use UberKernel-76 in Screenstate v3 mode, which incorporates OnDemandTCL (for varying CPU speeds between 300 MHz and 1.1 GHz) and voltage scaling automatically. Decided to set up a modifier mode in Mode Switcher specifically for Touchstone charging. When placed on a Touchstone, Mode Switcher changes my Govnah profile to Performance governor and locks the CPU speed at 600 MHz. Removing the Pre 2 from the Touchstone causes Mode Switcher to revert the profile back to the Screenstate 300-1.1 setting.

    Side note: In the Performance 600 mode on the Touchstone, my Pre 2 fluctuates between 38 and 45 degrees Celcius with freeTether running for my Touchpad internet access. It usually sits for extended periods of time right around 42 degrees.

    EDIT: Spoke too soon. Battery percentage is dropping again even though charging is indicated. Going to try the same test with Performance 300 MHz mode to see if I can keep the temperature down lower.

    EDIT 2: Weird. Charging has recovered on its own without me having a chance to make the change to Performance 300. Battery current went from negative to positive number, and the percentage level is slowing going up again. It looks webOS is showing a higher load average during the time of the battery charge/drop issue. I wonder what is running at the time to cause the higher load average?

    EDIT 3: OK, so my load average theory is wrong, too. Charging current went negative and battery percentage started dropping again even though the load average stayed under 0.5. Waiting to see if the charging will restart itself now ... And, yes, it did a minute or so later. Charging current is back positive again, and percentage is increasing.

    Since doing the above, and I am not using a fan any more to keep the Pre 2 and the Touchstone cool, the extended discharging problem which does not recover has not occurred. Anyone have any further ideas what could be causing the charging issue (when using screenstate-v3 with ondemand tcl and voltage reg) with this additional information in mind?
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    My locked in at Performance 600 on Touchstone theory has been debunked. Just a few minutes ago, the battery discharged below 95% even while it was sitting on the Touchstone, my Performance 600 mode in Govnah was active, and the battery percentage number was blue (indicating charging). Being disappointed is an understatement. The charging is much more stable doing this lock in at 600 procedure in that the problem does not happen anywhere near as often. However, I'm sad that I have not been able to track down the root source of this Touchstone charging problem.

    In an effort to prevent this from happening at all, I'm gonna slow the CPU down to Performance 300 while on the Touchstone and see how that works over an extended period of time.
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    On Performance 300, it's even more stable. Charging still seems to stop when the temperature gets too high, but it does also seem to recover and restart charging again after a while.
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    CPU temp usuall hovers between 39 and 42 degrees Celcius. Seems to be a battery temperature related issue. Probably a safety thing.
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