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    Hello all,

    I purchased an unlocked Palm Pre 2 and on the original swith-on it did not allow me to register the palm account (I tried to register but it said that registration failed). Hence I used the bypass tool *#devmode# and now in my accounts I have a palm account which says "Dr. Skipped Firstuse". Is it somehow possible to create a Palm Account? I can use all features but CAN NOT use the apps store, which is major bummer Please advice, how do I register the palm account in such situation?

    By the way, I am in Georgia (country) and my carrier is magticom, guess this info might be useful for you.
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    Thanks for the link.
    It's so bad I did not see that prior using my phone the very first time
    Will this still work now, when I have already bypassed the phone? Meaning, I bypassed it with the sim inside, not without a sim, as suggested
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    Also I do not need paid apps, I'm fine with the free apps, is there any other way apart from Ipostash to do it?
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    Just a detail: I know that Impostah can register your account to a device, but I believe that cannot restore your Palm Profile Backup...

    I'm wrong?

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    Some options to bring up the Palm Profile dialog again:

    -Show First Use app patch in Preware
    -Full erase from Device Info app

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    i cant use my phone................i jx dont no why
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    Quote Originally Posted by kwame denkyi boateng View Post
    i cant use my phone................i jx dont no why
    Welcome to the forums... we will need a LOT more information than that to help you out.
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    I find that it's much simpler to borrow a SIM, log in and get the initial setup done with the account.

    Once that's done and you have done the setup for the WIFI, then you remove the SIM, and simply use the phone as normal via the WIFI. The only thing that you won't be able to do is make calls.

    To try and go around the initial setup is a pain to do (I find) and not worth the trouble when it's not that hard to borrow a SIM with someone with a data plan for a few minutes.
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