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    I need some help, i just finished running the meta doctor on my frankenpre 2, its a verizon pre 2 with a sprint board in it, and in the top left corner it says Sprint, but i have no EVDO or 3g signal, so i can't sign into my palm profile and get past the activation screen, It is however shoiwing that wifi is on, but i can't connect to any wifi because i cant get to the wifi settings. Also, when i try to type in my MSL, it does not work, BUT the phone is activated on my account. Can someone please help. Webos-internals is down right now.
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    Git pull, make clobber, and rebuild the metadoctor .jar again. Redoctor.

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    having the same exact issue, looks like the wifi radio is on, and not connected to any network and i ahve no 3g so i can't activate the phone
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    i got it to work but text messages will not work, any idea why? I made sure the PRL and profile was updated. Everything else works, and sprint confirmed that my text messages are being recieved, but my phone will not recieve or send them
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    i got the messaging to work by redoctoring it. thanks!

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