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    Have a Pre2 that I, ironically enough purchased a couple months ago unlocked (Verizon) from an Ebay seller to replace my Pre Plus which experienced almost the same problem. The phone was brand new, never activated. It's worked almost flawless since I activated it but recently exhibited some weird symptoms such as not showing a callers "window" through the middle to end of a call and now it's not holding a charge. It will sporadically respond to the touchstone and phone charger, but will rapidly drain. From what I can tell it's draining roughly 20 % battery life per hour +/- until depleted and that's with little to no usage!

    Can anyone offer a solution to remedy this problem or does it sound like I need to make a warranty claim? Come to think of it, since I bought this unlocked, would it be HP/Palm that I contact with the claim or ??

    Also, I wasn't roaming when this problem has been experienced, and email auto download settings haven't changed since before the problem appeared. I've tried removing the battery and resetting and the problem persists.
    Lastly, when using the phone's keyboard to dial, when pressing a number, it will show in the window but the keypress tone isn't audible.

    Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.
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    there is no such thing as an "unlocked" verizon phone.

    batteries are super cheap on amazon right now, so I would start by trying a new battery.
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    New battery and doctor the device is your best bet to save yourself the headache.

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    Thanks for the info, but how does one "Doctor" the device?

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