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    Hey guys, Im switching my pre+ to pre2 I just got. I got it all switched with vzw, and tried to sign in to my palm profile and it failed, then just started up. It is not my profile, actually its noones. Like a display profile or something. So I was just gonna DR it and sign in that way, but I cannot for the life of me get the NEXT button to appear on the dr. any help.
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    edit: got it, will update to see if we can sign in to my profile.
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    Is this an official Pre2 or a Franken Pre2?
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    Offical pre, got it going, but now it decides to shut off every once and a while. I've updated it to the newest version. I thought maybe it was becuase it was so hot, but its done it 2 more times just sitting here. Also where are all the patches for them?!!? I miss all of mine from the pre+

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