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    This morning the clock in the phone is showing a time 4 hours ahead.

    I did a restart with no sucess.

    Try a full shut down?

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    try the app 'clock sync' I generaly use it if my pre plus loses the correct time after loss of power / signal
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    Thanks for the info.

    I had thougt that "time info" came along with the signal that connects the phone to the system.

    Meaning that if the phone has signal, the phone has the correct time.

    Not so?

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    yes that's how it should work! Webos seems to have issues with it sometimes though, I slept in for work a couple of times before I found clock sync. Was not impressed! Hopefully that will sort your problem as well
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    Mine was 8 hours ahead last weekend and clock sync did not work for me. I drove around town in case it was a cell tower problem and reset my phone a few times but no success.

    Finally I went into the Date & Time app and put the correct time in there and toggled the switches a bit and it fixed it.

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