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    I for one, plus my wife have been holding out for the Pre3, but now that we won't be seeing those stateside I was forced to settle for the PRe2 to Sprint conversion, which is still a great option over the Pre Minus.

    Now that the Pre3 is not being sold I predict the demand will increase slightly for the Pre2. Already in this forum we are seeing threads like this:

    Since I can't buy a pre3 I want a pre2, but where to buy one for good price?

    And many others along the same line.

    If you are holding out you may want to get on ebay and snatch one asap, that is unless someone knows a better place to get one.

    Just looking out for my kindred webos fans that may have been milking their Launch day Pre Minus while hoping for the Pre3 like we are.

    Good Luck.

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    I've actually seen the Pre 2 price drop since the announcement. I paid $325 on ebay less than a month ago and now they're going for about $150.
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    I snatched one up earlier for 130. But you see them goig 150-190 or so. I think the price will actually rise a bit. Because as you said I was holding out for a pre 3 but theres no chance. And im on sprint.
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    Yeah, the more people see the writing on the well "Sorry buddy no Pre3 for you" they will have to either go with Android, Iphone, or Pre2.

    The demand will go up until the supply runs out.
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    The only chance that the price will go up is when the number of new Pre2's extinguish and the demand exists. Most of it comes down to if the demand exists half a year or one year from now.
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    Yeah, Centric I agree. Had to come to reality that I won`t get a pre 3 and it was time to buy a pre 2 and Frankenpre it onto sprint. Totally missed the firewall pre 2 because was getting the touchpad. Found one 2 weeks ago for $130 and got it. Now researching and getting ready to Franken it. Sprint pre minus has crack on screen and headphone issues, but couldn`t let go of webOS! #denials Sprint pre minus owners get a pre 2 and Franken it to keep webOS phones alive!

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