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    Soo, yesterday I went to the ATT Store and got their cheapest goPhone just for the 3G SIM card and I activated it with the $50/mo. plan then added the $25 data package after leaving the store

    I shut the phone down, remove the battery, and pop the SIM card into the unlocked Pre 2 I got earlier this week and nothing!! It just says on the top left Check SIM-SOS only. I thought it might have been because I was on devmode (exploring all the options I could think of), so I did a full erase, restarted the phone and still nothing... all I get on the screen is the phone showing me how to insert a SIM card (which is already there) and it still says Check SIM-SOS only on the top left

    Where am I going wrong? Help anybody?
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    It has been stated on here that you can't activate the SIM with the GoPhone because it locks it to the phone. You have to buy just the SIM and have them activate it for you along with some data to activate the Pre 2.
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    I've been reading threads for hrs, sorry I missed that. Just to be clear, I should buy a SIM card and have the people at ATT activate it?
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    That is what I gathered from this thread:

    Barry said basically the same thing here:

    This post may be the most helpful:

    I went with T-mobile instead, because I mainly use my device for testing so no 3G was not a big deal. I bought a sim in the store and they activated it on a phone there, then I took it home and stuck it in my Pre 2.
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    Thanks for the links,

    I tried putting my dad's SIM card in there (he's with ATT under contract) and his did work, I got to make the palm profile but when I switched back to mine... it went back to "Check SIM-SOS only" -______-
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    Definitely sounds like your sim is locked to the gophone. See if they will replace it.
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    The GoPhone handset with pre-loaded sim is locked (phone to sim and sim to phone). The way to go is buy a standalone sim w/o handset. You can get them on eBay. AT&T stores might sell them too. Cost is around $20.

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    I got it all worked out I went down to the ATT store and they told me that once the SIM card got activated with the GoPhone, I wouldn't be able to use it on any other phone for some time. They gave me a refund on the phone and changed my number onto a new SIM Card for me to insert into the unlocked Pre 2 and what do you know... It worked!!!

    So for future reference and to avoid anyone the day long headache working it out... If you get a GoPhone for the SIM card, DO NOT put it into the GoPhone, its better if you just activate it online and use the Pre 2's IMEI #, and get whatever plan and date package you want.

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