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    Hey, I just created a thread in the Pre 3 section titled "I can switch app catalogs". I did this on my Pre 3 and it worked and then tried it on my Pre 2 and it worked for it too.
    The Pre 3 account was created with Impostah for US access....and I have switched it to my Australian account that was created on my Pre 2. I did also have a TouchPad on that account.....however, I then grabbed my Pre 2 and erased it, then logged in to my US profile (no TouchPad was on the account) and it now has US paid app catalog.
    So, it seems that I can switch between the two profiles....on the phones, not just the TouchPad.
    Has anyone else done this yet? I tried it a few weeks ago with my Pre 2 and it didn't work, but it does now.
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    Update....I just worked out that it only worked for the Pre 3. The Pre 3 could see AU paid apps....but the Pre 2 was also seeing AU paid apps. I got confused and thought that I could see the US app catalog since more apps had made it to the AU app catalog since I last looked.
    Now, I am interested in seeing if the Pre 3 will switch back to the US app catalog.
    It would also be interesting to set the TP up as US again and see if the Pre 2 does gain US app catalog access that way.
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    Yes, that is correct....if I use the TP, then I can move the phones as well.

    However, something different happens for my Pre 2. Even before I had a TP, I can move it between my UK and AU profiles, both created on the same Pre 2 and it sees paid apps in both countries. It doesn't see the US paid apps though. Having said that, I have only purchased apps in the AU app catalog on it since I have an AU credit card.

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