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    just received my new pre 2.

    suggestions on converting over?

    I assume process is same as pre plus refurbs...sign into profile, transfer usb content to computer and then to pre 2.
    only difference this time is that I want to keep the pre plus as a spare and wifi device.

    any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    can't wait to use my pre2!!!
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    I wrote down the names of all my software,apps and patches AND also wrote down all the email settings for my 3 email accounts (exchange, gmail and home charter (cable inernet) provider).

    After putting in your profile and confirming the settings for all the email accounts I would then install preware using webos quickinstall (don't forget to put your phone in developer mode first) then restart connect via wifi and get busy withe preware loading everything back on.

    Personally, I chose not to install uberkernal and govnah and am using it stock. The speed seems great, animation is much smoother and unless I feel the need to overclock I probably won't as I think battery life seems better. Others will tell you to overclock away but 1ghz is close enough to the max speed of an overclocked plus that you will be fine (IMO). WebOS 2.X is so much better thant 1.4.5 too!
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    any other advice?

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