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    I just got an unlocked Pre 2 from a member of the board, and I was considering doing a FrankenPre conversion using my launch day Sprint Pre- as a donor. I decided instead to go with an AT&T plan as I have an iPhone 3G that I will be able to use the SIM card in as well. Is there an app that will allow me to set up a wireless hot-spot on the Pre 2? Will AT&T be able to see that I am tethering? I used MyTether on the Pre- but it failed to come across in the over the air update from my Palm Profile, and it was buggy as heck!
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    Yes, you can tether, however you need a homebrew app called Free Tether. It works great and AT&T can not tell you are tethering. Tethering in general is very hard on your battery so pick up a few spares or make sure you are never far from a charging source.

    The one benefit of the general lack of popularity of these devices is that you can pick up touchstone chargers and spare batteries for next to nothing now. VZW has touchstones and power cords for $5 each and Amazon has batteries for even cheaper.
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