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    My Pre 2 has never been awesome on battery with how I use it, but it rarely died before about 10 PM. Lately my texting has gone from 200-300 hundred back-and-forth per day to about 700. I have had a huge loss in battery since this happened; With 3G off, wifi off, all push services set to manual, screen backlight at the lowest setting that still allows keyboard backlight, and GPS off, I still have to charge the phone halfway through the day. Have other texters experienced this?
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    Have you tried Dr. Battery? It's a homebrew app that will check your battery's life and it can also recalibrate it for you. You may just need a new battery which can be purchased online for cheap.

    if it is not your battery, remove all patches and add them one by one until you find the culprit.

    Good luck.
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    New battery or your Pre2 is afflicted with the battery drain bug that some people thing is related to the kernels sleep function. Restarting can help.

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