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    Yesterday I started having some strange issues that I haven't had before on my Pre 2. First, all of the incoming texts do not notify me. If I go to the messaging app they are there but no notifications. Email notifications are fine. Also, I cannot add anything into the calender. I try to put something in the calendar and it goes away after hitting enter. Plus all of the other calender events disappeared. I removed all of the patches I had installed to see if that would solve the problem and it did not. I've pulled the battery already and that didn't work. I didn't install anything new yesterday either. Any ideas on what is wrong and/or how to fix? Thanks
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    Also, my back up keeps failing. I would doctor but I don't feel safe doing so since the back up fails. Plus I found that when I add a calendar event it still notifies me even though the event is not displayed in the calendar.
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